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Warrior Custom Golf: Golfer and his Golf Club Have you ever had the most perfect wedge shot only to have the Warrior Custom Golf ball roll right off the green?

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That's why the Warrior Custom Golf club faces on the Warrior Custom Golf Wedges are extra soft with the deep precision grooves to allow the Warrior Custom Golf ball to catch on your Warrior Custom Golf wedge club face and control the spin and roll on your wedge shots.

A standard set of Warrior Custom Golf wedges come with the Gap, Sand and Lob wedges and contain lofts of 52, 56 and 60 degrees respectively. The Warrior Custom Golf Sand wedges are designed to make shots out of bunkers easier. The Warrior Custom Golf lob wedge allows the Warrior Golfer to launch the Warrior Custom Golf ball high into the air, allowing the ball to drop onto the green with little or no roll. The Warrior Custom Golf Gap wedge will close the gap between your Warrior Custom Golf pitching and sand wedges.

A more specialized Warrior Custom Golf wedge is the 64 degree High Loft super wedge, or the Warior Custom Golf 64 degree HL wedge. This Warrior Custom Golf wedge is perfect to carry the Warrior Custom Golf ball 5 paces onto the green when you are stuck in the rough. Any other club may hit the Warrior Custom Golf ball too far or run the ball past the pin.

I encourage you to call 800-600-5113 and get a set of the World Famous Warrior Custom golf wedges. When the new Warrior Custom Golf Wedges knock 2 to 4 strokes off your game, be sure to complete your golf bag with other Warrior Custom Golf clubs.

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